our processes

The management of the whole productive process, in our plants, allow us to offer to the market completed and high-quality products.


Our design office realizes projects based on customer – provided details or collaborates together with him in order to develop new prototypes and innovative products.
We employ only last-generation softwares that allow us to keep communicating with the customer and the corresponding production departments.


The modular design of our carpentry department allows us to satisfy every kind of requirement, even for large-scale components.
Our team of specialized carpenters and all processes are certified according to national and international regulations.

inox carpentry

We realize austenitic stainless steel structures in a dedicated environment.
In order to prevent contamination among different types of metal, we have an entire production department at disposal dedicated to warehousing, cut, machining and welding of stainless steel products.

overlay welding

Thanks to our plants, we realize different kinds of overlay weldings, including corrosion resistance weldings, resistance and impact-resistance weldings through qualified welding processes.
Throughout all stages of overlay welding, our specialized team verifies that the processes will be suitable to completely satisfy the customer requests and checks the compliance of the final results.


Our piping department is specialized in the construction and welding of carbon, stainless, martensitic and brazing steel pipes of any dimension and thickness.
Pipes and plants we realized are subject to strict quality checks and to high pressure tests.


Our production department is equipped with an area dedicated only to the corrosion-resistance protection of our products.
The department pays attention in all phases of the different superficial treatments to the environmental features necessary to guarantee the correct realization of the requested corrosion-resistance cycle (from C1 to C5). Painting cycles furthermore undergo strict controls operated by our specialized employees.


Thanks to our structure sand to our qualified team, we are able to operate all necessary phases for a correct refurbishment of the machines, thus guaranteeing sustainable and favorable solutions for our customers.
We carry out all types of restoration and restoration of plats, machines and single particulars for all industrial sectors.
All revamping activities are subject to strict intermediate and final quality tests.

mechanical machining

Our last generation machines are best suited to guarantee high productivity with high-standard levels.
Thanks to the wide range of machines present in our departments, we are able to satisfy our customers with every type of processing, realizing small, medium and big size components.


Our specialized team in the assembly bay is qualified to realize every type of operation necessary for the assembly of machines.
Beside the assembly of mechanical components, we also handle the whole consequent systems engineering phase including electrical, pneumatic, oleodynamic, cooling and lubrication systems.


All our products are tested and undergo in-depth dimensional and quality checks, including different types of functional tests.
We have at our disposal necessary equipment to perform tests in all our departments for each work phase. They include: controls on weldings, traditional and innovative dimensional checks, anti corrosion tests and final testing of complete plants through pressure tests, empty tests with helium and mass spectrometer.