Dal Ben Spa
San Stino di Livenza - Via G. di Vittorio 12 - Italy +39.0421.461311


DAL BEN S.p.A. was founded in 1987 . Since then we have continuously grown, addressing the changing needs of our customers, adapting to the demands of an increasing market, making investments in infrastructure and human resources, with the ultimate goal of satisfying customers with our high quality standards. Currently we operate on a covered area of 12,000 square meters , divided into four facilities: carpentry department , piping and weld cladding department, mechanical processing department and assembly department, in which more than one hundred experts are working . The structure of our departments is not set for a single use, but has taken shape over the years, dealing with the various daily needs of our diverse clientele. This is due to effective teamwork that enhances the professionalism and competence of all personnel and oriented towards the main objective which is customer satisfaction. We believe that the Dal Ben S.p.A. represents a good example of the productive reality of the Northeastern Italy who founded his success not on miracles, but on ability, commitment and tenacity.


Dal Ben S.p.A. operates mainly in the field of steel plants and builds machines or parts of them for use in processing plants and/or the production of metals. We specialize in the construction of equipment that constitute the “heart” of systems for foundries, systems of continuous casting, cold and hot rolling and treatment of sheets in general.



The DAL BEN S.p.A. designs and manufactures machines and systems for the mechanical industry in general. It is equipped with the best machines that allow a cutting-edge production quality and quantity . As a proof of reached production capacity, is able to provide machines and complete plants with all the auxiliary installations and deliver them to the customer on “turnkey” bases. The activity of DAL BEN S.p.A. is divided into several sectors :

• Design and construction of mechanical assemblies ;

• Construction and welding of steel structures made of carbon steel , stainless steel , alloy steel and weld cladding ;

• Construction of piping in carbon steel and titanium stainless steel;

• Precision machining by tool machinines ;

• Assembling machinery and equipment.


The DAL BEN S.p.A. it has always worked with young, qualified and highly motivated personnel which gives a continues impulse to the growth of the company, consolidating its growth trend in the international markets, without forgetting the targets of quality and reliability which has always been pursued.